Taking Your Mom Shopping When Alzheimer’s is Present – Five Things You Need to Expect

Alzheimer’s is a harsh disease. It’s hard on the person diagnosed with it. It’s also hard on family members who watch their parent change. Shopping with a parent who has Alzheimer’s can seem impossible. Here are five things you must expect.

Home Care Services in La Mesa CA: Shopping and Alzheimer's

Car Rides Aren’t Always Easy

People with Alzheimer’s may have a hard time on a long car ride. As the brain worsens, vision may be affected. If that happens, car sickness may become a new experience. Aim for short rides. If that’s not possible, you may find your mom or dad does better in the backseat.

You’ll Need a Third Person

As your parent shops, you may find things that are truly not necessary, going into the cart. Your mom went through menopause years ago, but she’s suddenly saying she needs tampons. Your dad insists on buying a loaf of rye bread, but he hates rye.

Bring a third party on your shopping trip. Rather than arguing over why something isn’t needed, let your mom or dad put it in the cart. When you round a corner, have the other person grab the item and return it to the shelf. Your parent won’t notice, and you’re preventing overspending on items that aren’t needed.

Lists Make Shopping Easier

Create a list and put your parent in charge of keeping track of the list. If your parent has a list of items that are needed, it’s less likely your mom or dad will spend time putting extra items in the cart.

Your Parent Needs Supervision

Like a toddler, your parent may become distracted and wander off to whatever caught his or her attention. Make sure you’re keeping an eye on your parent. This prevents awkward encounters with your parent hugging a stranger or getting agitated.

You Should Be Ready to Leave

Lines are long and your dad is becoming agitated. He’s not comfortable and is starting to make a scene. You can’t let him go outside on his own. If you’re alone, you may need to abandon your cart to avoid a meltdown. If possible, you can alert an employee and explain the situation. Return to pay for the items once your dad has gotten past his agitation. If not, save shopping for days you have help.

Make sure you’re taking breaks as often as needed. If you’re providing all of the care, you should call a senior care agency to discuss respite care. Respite care provides you with a break. While you go out or lock yourself away for an hour or two, a caregiver takes over. Your mom or dad is safe while you enjoy a timeout. Talk to a senior care agency to find out more about other Alzheimer’s care services. Call now to get started.



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