Caregiver – Ways to Pamper Yourself for under $20

As your aging parent’s caregiver, you’re used to making sacrifices and putting others first.


Home Care Services in Del Cerro CA: Caregiver Pampering


The great rewards you get for helping your parent stay in his home and managing the many details of that process are immeasurable, but they also may cause you to forget about celebrating you. As a loving caretaker, it’s important that you also practice self-love. While self-love can come in many forms, one way to take care of the caregiver is to pamper yourself with little splurges.

Let’s look at some simple and fairly inexpensive ways (some are even free) to take a bit of time each week to pamper yourself…

  • Go to a bookstore (an actual bookstore) and buy yourself a book by searching through the aisles. The serenity and massive selections can take you immediately away from the stresses of the world.
  • Buy yourself new socks. Buy some silly socks (with flamingos and penguins) or fluffy socks or even some real, quality socks. Then take the time to sit on the couch and enjoy them!
  • Pick up some bath pampering products. Get whatever speaks to you – bubbles, bath bombs, newly scented bath soap, fill up the tub, and just soak it all in. Make it extra special and light a candle, have a glass of wine, and read that book you just purchased at the bookstore.
  • Splurge on that fancy drink. Visit the drive-thru of your local coffee shop and buy the largest size available of your favorite hot or cold drink. Crank up the music in your vehicle and sip away your stress.
  • Get a haircut even if you don’t need one. Why you may ask? For the pleasure of having someone else wash your hair and massage your scalp. That alone makes a haircut completely worth the price.
  • Bring home some flowers. Many areas of the country right now only have two colors – white and gray. Pick up your spirits and pamper yourself by purchasing some bright-colored flowers for your home. Many larger retail stores have a flower center where you can find lots of different bouquets to bring home and enjoy.
  • Get a nice bottle of wine to enjoy. There’s plenty of “fine” wines out there for under $20. Whether you decide to try something new (like chocolate wine or watermelon wine) or stick with what you know you love, a glass of wine in a wine glass can add a bit of pampering to your night when you unwind. Pair it with that bubble bath and you’ll feel like you’re on vacation.
  • Be sweet to yourself and grab your favorite sweet. It may be a cone of your favorite ice cream, a bag of your favorite chocolates or grabbing a donut from your local bakery that will bring a little sweetness into your crazy busy days.
  • Give your cooking a boost. Maybe there’s a custom cutting board you’ve been wishing for or specialty spice you’d like to try. Pamper yourself by making this small splurge and see how it brightens your time in the kitchen.


Small pampering ideas sometimes seem silly and not worth it in the big picture of all you do to give care to your parent, but these little moments spent pampering yourself will actually bless your parent as well with a more refreshed you, ready to continue your journey together.


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