Is it Too Late for Your Senior to Be More Independent?

Aging in place and remaining as independent as possible might be your senior’s biggest goal. But if she’s facing health issues or you’re concerned that she can’t do what she’s planning to do, is there an alternative?


Home Care Services in Coronado CA: Senior Independence
Home Care Services in Coronado CA: Senior Independence


Work out Times to Talk to Each Other

If you live farther away from your senior, you probably don’t get to check on her as often as you’d like. Even if you do live in the same town, your elderly family member’s desire for independence might not work well with your desire to make sure she’s okay. If you can set up a schedule for talking to each other and just checking in, that can go a long way toward easing your mind and helping her to be as independent as she wants to be.


Outsource the Tasks She Hates

There are plenty of tasks that no one likes doing. Yard work is a common one, but there are lots of others, too. One way for your elderly family member to be as independent as she can is to make sure that she’s got coverage for those tasks. There are plenty of people out there willing to take over those tasks, often for reasonable rates.


Consider a Smartphone

If your elderly family member doesn’t already have a personal cell phone or a smartphone, now might be the time to make that happen. Smartphones in particular can do so much these days, especially if your elderly family member explores the app store for her phone. If she’s been resistant to the idea, try again with an eye toward describing how the smartphone can help her to live independently.


Personal Wearable Alarms Can Help

Another tool to consider gets laughed at a lot, but it can be lifesaving. Personal wearable alarms allow your elderly family member to go about her daily life and only go into action when your senior needs them to do so. This one device can help you to feel more comfortable with your senior demanding her own space.


Senior Care Services Promote Independence

Another tool that can leave you feeling comfortable and get your senior what she needs is to hire elder care providers. These folks are experts in helping older adults deal with the challenges that they’re facing. They can help with transportation, household chores, and cooking among so many other things. The best part is that you know someone is there with your senior.


Your senior may find that these are just the ideas she’s looking for when it comes to staying independent. She doesn’t have to do everything alone, but she can stand on her own when she wants to do so.



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