Love 2 Live Care ~ Referral Partner Shout Out!

Although the Love 2 Live care team (field caregivers & administrative staff) offers a great amount of support to our clients and their families, there are times when the scope of a client’s medical oversight is beyond our level of expertise. When these situations arise, we turn to our trusted industry partners who are trained to assist with an individual’s medical/health needs.

Someone who we have partnered with to assist many of our clients with their complex or chronic care needs is Dr. Jackie Bougie of Searchlight Healthcare Advocates. Many people may not have a clear understanding of what a healthcare advocate is, and what great relief & support they can provide to the family caring for an ailing loved one.

An advocate is a person who supports someone to make their voice heard, or ideally to speak up for themselves. Webster’s Dictionary defines an advocate as “a person who argues for or supports a cause for another person or group.” When it comes to health the individual person can be an advocate for themselves. A family member, friend, or caregiver also can be an advocate.

Maybe you live too far away from your loved one, or you simply have a busy life of your own and don’t have the time to attend each and every one of your loved one’s medical appointments. If that’s the case, then give Dr. Jackie Bougie a call at 1-888-668-7921.


A professional patient advocate will:

LISTEN to what the concerns and challenges are regarding your health and caregiving issues.

BE YOUR ALLY, coach, and supporter for your healthcare issue.

ASSESS you by taking your health history and performing a comprehensive evaluation that could include: physical examination, medications review, mental status, environmental assessment, functional assessment, nutritional assessment, psychological/behavioral assessment, social/family assessment, quality of life, and caregiver needs.

EDUCATE and EXPLAIN your diagnosis, results of your assessment, review evidence-based treatment guidelines, and the potential outcome specific to your disease/condition.

PROVIDE DECISION SUPPORT when you are thinking about treatment options.

IMPROVE COMMUNICATION with you, your healthcare team, and designated family member/caregiver/friend.

MEDIATE CONFLICT helping assure your rights and wishes are followed.

PLANNING with you, family member/caregivers, and healthcare team to develop a comprehensive plan for improving quality of life and health.

GO WITH YOU to see doctors, to ask questions and get answers.



To find out more, call Love 2 Live (619) 291-4663
or ABHC at (877)436-6269