Has transportation become more difficult for you or your loved one? Are you simply in need of a quick ride to the grocery store or a doctor’s appointment and don’t require any additional hands-on caregiving services? If so, then GO-GO-GRANDPARENT may be the solution to your transportation challenges!

Go-Go-Grandparent turns on demand transportation companies like Lyft into services that help families take better care of older adults. The service is perfect for an older individual who may not be tech-savvy enough to maneuver a ride-sharing app such as Lyft or Uber, or may not even own (or know how to operate) a smart phone.

All you have to do is call a toll-free number and follow the recorded prompts. You always have the option to press zero and speak to a live representative.

So next time you’re stuck without a ride, go ahead and give Go-Go-Grandparent a call.

Website: https://gogograndparent.com/

Phone: 1 (855) 464-6872

Step 1:
CALL 1 (855) 464-6872 and wait to hear “thanks for calling GoGoGrandparent”

Step 2:
– PRESS 1 for a car to your home

– PRESS 2 for a car to where we dropped you off last

– PRESS 3, 4 or 5 for a car to a custom pick up location (once you’re registered please give us a call to set these up)

– PRESS 6 to order a ride with an operator

– PRESS 0 to speak with an operator about anything else



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