Celebrate PETS ARE WONDERFUL month!


April is official PETS ARE WONDERFUL month, also known as PAW!

Aside from the love and affection, our pets offer us, these furry friends can actually bring tremendous health advantages as well! Studies have shown that individuals who have a pet often experience the below benefits:

– Better heart health
– Natural mood enhancers
– Better physical fitness
– Social interaction
– Sense of security

As seniors age, it may become increasingly difficult for them to properly take care of their pets. If you know someone who no longer has a pet of their own but would enjoy spending time with one, you can contact the San Diego Humane Society and inquire about their “Pet-Assisted Therapy” program. Part of this program actually includes FREE home visits, where the love and companionship of animals are provided to people in their own homes.

Please click here for more detailed information:  sdhumane.org

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