Tips for Struggling Seniors on Getting Dressed

Home Care in La Mesa CA: Senior Dressing TipsFor seniors with diagnosed health issues that affect their strength, stamina, and mobility, getting dressed every day can be a real struggle. Any number of age-related conditions can be a roadblock to their capability in doing things like buttoning shirts, clasping bras, buckling a belt and putting on socks and shoes.

Many elderly adults rely on family caregivers to help them out, but they aren’t always around. Fortunately, there are several different tips that family caregivers and aging adults can follow to overcome most dressing challenges.


Simplify Wardrobe Options

Family caregivers should sort through the elderly adult’s wardrobe and get rid of anything that is too tight, too small, or complex with fasteners and miniature buttons. Then, they should invest in simple clothing, specially designed in ways to be easy to put on. Examples include front-clasp bras, elastic waisted pants and skirts, slip-on shoes and easy to remove layers. Simple, well-fitting clothes will be easier for the aging adult to manipulate, with or without help.


Use Dressing Aids

Dressing aides give aging adults a little extra assistance in getting clothes on and off. Grabbing sticks, dressing sticks, button pullers, extra-long shoe horns and more can provide elderly adults with extra grip and reach to do the job. Family caregivers should identify which items their aging loved ones have problems with, then search for a dressing aid that helps.


Get Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists are there to help aging adults with physical limitations do as much as they can for themselves. These occupational therapists work with seniors to use effective techniques on everyday tasks. Many of the exercises in occupational therapy can help seniors with dressing themselves. Instead of approaching a task the traditional way, elderly adults can learn new tips on dressing themselves.


Hiring Home Care Providers

One of the best things that seniors can do to get in-home help is to hire a home care provider. Not only do these professionals help with in-home care duties like laundry and housekeeping, they are on hand to help with getting dressed and grooming. Home care providers are trained to help seniors with daily tasks, with competence and compassion. Aging adults can get through their morning routine quickly with the help of a home care provider.

It’s definitely difficult for aging adults to lose a lot of their physical abilities—strength, stamina, grip and balance—and rely on others for help. However, with family caregivers who can help them with a simple wardrobe, dressing aids, occupational therapy, and home care providers, seniors can feel good about getting dressed every day.


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