Do’s and Don’ts for a Senior’s Hospital Overnight Bag

Family caregivers are responsible for their elderly loved one’s basic needs, from meals and grooming to medical monitoring. It can be stressful trying to figure out everything they need to stay happy and healthy from week to week. However, the stress really increases when the aging relative needs to spend some time in the hospital.


Home Care in Hillcrest CA: Hospital Overnight Bag

The staff at the hospital will treat all patients equally, showing respect and compassion when meeting their needs. However, because they are busy and don’t have time to get to know the individual needs of each person, it’s up to the family members to advocate for their relative. Often, this means bringing items and clothing from home that will make the stay more comfortable. They also bring particular products and accessories that the elderly person is used to or relies on. If the family caregiver knows their loved one will be in the hospital for some time, they can gather all these items to accompany the patient during their stay.

Whether it’s a scheduled procedure or a scary emergency, hospital visits are never welcomed. Family caregivers can continue to provide excellent elderly care by packing everything they need in a hospital overnight bag.


Here are a few do’s and don’ts when packing an elderly person’s overnight bag for the hospital.


  • Pack a robe, sweater or zip-up hoodie to help the elderly person stay warm
  • Include slippers or thick socks to keep feet from getting too cold
  • Include a change of underwear
  • Bring an outfit for the day they get discharged
  • Collect all medicines they need daily and weekly
  • Gather copies of all medical documents, from insurance cards and prescriptions to living wills and power of attorney
  • Check with the hospital to see what might be restricted, such as perfume and cell phones



  • Leave perfumes or heavily scented body wash and lotion at home
  • Avoid bringing jewelry or other precious items to the hospital
  • Allow them their favorite pillow or blanket from home
  • Don’t leave home without a contact list of physicians, friends, and supporters
  • Leave the elderly person alone if they suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease
  • Never assume the hospital has the elderly person’s medical history or specific medications already


-By knowing what an elderly relative might need in the hospital, a family caregiver can pull everything together quickly and efficiently. Many caregivers have a bag all packed and ready to go in the event of an emergency, much like a pregnant couple has a hospital bag ready and waiting. Either way, preparation is definitely going to ease the stress of a short or long hospital stay for an elderly relative.


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