What Does it Look Like When Your Senior Has Trouble with Problem Solving?

You might not realize it, but your senior has been solving problems all her life. Eventually, though, she might start to have cognitive difficulties that make problem-solving much more difficult. So what does that look like?

Home Care in Del Cerro CA: Senior Problem Solving


At First, You Might Have to Really Look

Trouble solving problems sometimes looks like disorganization or simply not paying attention. At first, you might think you’re just being a little harsh on your aging family member. So it’s important to start really paying attention to how she’s handling various challenges that she faces on a daily basis. If she’s showing even small signs that planning or solving predicaments is not going well, it pays to dig deeper.


Daily Tasks Become More Difficult

What’s happening is that daily tasks are becoming a little more difficult for your aging adult. She might not be able to plan things such as how to make sure that she gets errands handled while also making it to an appointment on time. These types of situations might have been easier for her in the past.


She Might Have Trouble Concentrating

You might also notice that it’s taking your elderly family member a lot longer to get some tasks finished than it used to. Part of the problem can be that she’s working through what needs to happen and in what order. Another part of the problem can relate to her ability to concentrate on the task at hand. If she’s distracted or she’s not able to keep thinking about the proper steps to get something done, that’s going to be a problem.


This Is More than Casual Mistakes Here and There

You might be tempted to brush this off, but you might be starting to notice that some situations are getting out of hand. For instance, your senior might be having trouble managing her bills and determining when they need to be paid. Other problems she’s unable to solve might include things like clearing out old or spoiled food from her fridge. These are problems that can quickly snowball and become a huge concern.

One way that you can start to get more information about how well your senior is solving problems in her daily life is to work with senior care providers. They have experience in spotting situations that might need a little more assistance from your senior’s doctors. They can also help you to put tools in place that help her to manage daily challenges.



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