Does Your Dad Know the Signs of a Senior Scam?

Home Care in Del Cerro CA: Senior ScamsScams are running rampant. Senior citizens are getting better at identifying them, but there’s still work to be done. News reports throughout 2018 show that some seniors are falling for scammers’ stories. One 90-year-old woman lost $6,000 in an initial payment and much more after that. Her efforts to claim a new car and $500,000 were all in vain as she’d fallen for a lottery scam.

Scams that seem so obvious to most people often fool seniors. To prevent this from happening, it’s important to teach your dad the key signs of a scam.


Make sure he knows these three signs of a scam.


Money is Due Before a Prize Can Be Collected

No contest will demand you pay the taxes before you collect your prize. If your dad is told he must pay the taxes first, he needs to hang up or walk away. Taxes are paid at the end of the year when filing your taxes for many contests. If it’s a lottery or casino prize, taxes are usually deducted from the winnings when you collect the check at a state lottery or casino window.


Payment Must Be Made Immediately Before a Call or Door-to-Door Visit Ends

Door-to-door scams typically involve a so-called contractor who noticed something wrong with the safety of the homeowner’s house. The issue can be remedied if the homeowner hires a contractor. That contractor at the door offers a reasonable quote and collects a deposit. Once the money is in hand, the contractor vanishes.

Phone scams often involve tricking a senior into paying money immediately. A grandchild is in trouble, taxes are due, or unpaid parking tickets could put the senior in jail. To avoid it, the senior needs to pay money instantly by giving account information or going to a store and buying gift cards that cover the amount.


Threats of Arrest Are Made

Sometimes the scammer wants important information like a Social Security Number. The scammer emphasizes that if the information is not provided instantly, agents from an agency like the FBI or IRS will show up at the door and arrest the senior.

The IRS, FBI, Social Security Administration, and other government agencies will never request information over the phone. If anything is wrong, they will notify you by mail.


Some experts believe senior citizens fall for scams because their generation was raised to be respectful and answer a ringing phone. They were taught not to doubt strangers. Having caregivers around to help your dad field calls and door-to-door salespeople may help.

Caregivers provide companionship. They can help guide your dad when it comes to determining what is a scam and what is legitimate. They also help with housework, meals, and transportation. Call now to learn more.


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