Is Stress a Big Trigger for Your Senior’s Blood Pressure?

High blood pressure has a variety of causes, and only some of them are reversible. If your elderly family member finds that stress is a massive trigger for her high blood pressure, then managing her stress is going to be a key part of lowering that pressure for her.


Home Care in Chula Vista CA: Stress And Blood Pressure


What Causes Her to Feel Stressed?

Everyone has different triggers for stress. Your senior might be stressed by worrying about her health or worrying about your health. She might be stressed when her home is dirty or when she’s thinking about handling certain tasks around the house. Whatever it is that’s causing your senior stress, you need to determine what it is. You can solve a variety of different issues, but you need to know what they are first.


What Can You Solve?

There’s a lot of stress you can’t take away or do anything about for your senior. But there are plenty of things you can deal with for her. Some of the things that you can’t manage personally you can delegate, like to elderly care providers. They can handle cooking and cleaning for your senior and when other tasks become difficult, they can help with those, too.


Formulate a Plan with Your Senior

Your senior may find that having a plan to relieve her stress is part of what helps her to feel less stressed. When you make a plan, map out steps and goals so that she can keep track of her progress. Keeping a journal can help her to take a deeper look at what is really helping her to manage her stress levels and what’s not working as well. She can also start to track her blood pressure results alongside those journal entries. That allows her to see how progress with stress reduction also benefits her health.


Find Stress Relieving Activities

Stress-relieving activities can do double duty. Not only do they help her to feel less stressed, many of these types of activities can also help to reduce overall blood pressure levels, too. If you can find something that helps to get her blood flowing, too, like Tai Chi, she may find that she’s getting even faster results than she expected.

There may be a lot more that your senior needs to do in order to lower her blood pressure levels, but managing her stress is a big deal, especially if it contributes to spikes in her blood pressure.


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