Four Emotions that Might Surprise You as a Caregiver

Caregiving is an emotional business and some of those emotions might be confusing or upsetting for you. When you take the time to analyze them, you can work through them much more quickly, which allows you to get back to being the caregiver you want to be.


Elderly Care in Tierrasanta CA: Caregiver Emotions
Elderly Care in Tierrasanta CA: Caregiver Emotions

Feelings of Guilt

You know you’re doing everything that you can as a caregiver and you know just what you’re sacrificing. So you might be shocked to realize that you’re experiencing some feelings of guilt now and then. The severity of these feelings can vary wildly, but they’re usually rooted in a desire to do as much as possible for your senior, no matter what. Some of the decisions you might have to make might cause you to feel as if you’re the one losing out.


Loss and Grief

Your senior is still with you, so feelings of loss and grief might really blindside you. This is typically called anticipatory grief because you’re already seeing what it might be like when your senior starts doing worse and even passes away. You might want to consider bereavement counseling now, in advance, as a way to help you to manage those feelings.


Frustration and Anger

There’s a lot about being a caregiver that can be frustrating and that can even inspire anger in you. Some of the problems might be procedural, like dealing with insurance companies and other red tape. But you might also find yourself frustrated or angry about decisions your senior makes or roadblocks she puts in your way. You’re human and sometimes that means that you get irritated and upset by what other people do.


Overwhelming Sadness

Some of your caregiving duties might make you incredibly sad. Or changes in your senior’s health can pain a dire picture for her future. All of this can add up and contribute to even more sadness than you thought was possible. Depression is incredibly common for caregivers and if you suspect that you’re dealing with depression, talk to your doctor. Your doctor can rule out medical causes and help you to find a treatment plan that works for you.


You can’t prepare for every single emotion you’ll experience as a caregiver, but if you have an idea what to expect that can give you a leg up. Every caregiving situation is different and you might be able to avoid some of the more negative emotions by facing situations head-on.

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