Four Ideas if Your Senior Is Having A Tough Time With Stress

When your senior is under a great deal of stress, that causes a physical impact on top of the emotional one. These ideas can help her to manage her stress more effectively.


Elderly Care in San Diego CA: Senior Stress Tips
Elderly Care in San Diego CA: Senior Stress Tips


Get a Handle on Why She’s Feeling Stress

When you and your senior can point to specific reasons she’s experiencing more stress, you can start to do something about those stressors. Some of the techniques you might want to try maybe wouldn’t touch the actual problem, so it makes sense to start working on figuring out what’s creating the situation. From there you can find other tools that might work. If you’re not able to land on a reason for the stress, your senior may have underlying health reasons that are contributing. Talk to her doctor to help rule those out.


Look at What Can Be Changed

Are there aspects of your senior’s current routine or daily life that could be changed and therefore reduce stress? There might be more that falls under this category than you think. Daily life itself can get overwhelming, especially if a lot of those daily tasks are getting to be difficult for your senior. It’s a good idea to look at some ways to try to ease that burden for her. Bringing in elder care providers is just one way to do that, but it’s a powerful answer.


Build Rest into Her Routine

Is your senior getting enough rest? Many aging adults feel as if they have to constantly be going and doing and being. That’s great if your senior truly wants to be that busy, but she also needs to be building in time to rest a bit. That might mean an early afternoon nap most days or it could just mean spending some quiet time during the day consciously relaxing. Being constantly “on” can be a huge stress trigger.


Try Some Introspective and Reflective Activities

Alongside rest, you might want to consider helping your elderly family member to embrace more reflective activities. Journaling can help her to work through some of her feelings. Or she might want to try meditating or keeping a gratitude list. Any or all of these things can help your elderly family member to shift her focus from whatever might be causing her stress.


It’s also possible that your senior is trying to do too much on her own. Bringing in elder care providers can do a lot more for her stress than she might expect right now.


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