What Personal Items Should You Keep at Your Senior’s Home?

In your role as a family caregiver, preparedness is one of your most important tools. No matter how well you plan for your care, and how prepared you think you are, the unexpected can always happen.

You may find yourself needing to be with your parents for longer, or even experienced a situation when you need to stay over at their home due to an emergency, weather situation, illness, or another event. When this happens, you want to feel comfortable and prepared to take care of your own needs for as long as you may be there. This is why having some personal items at your seniors home can be a good choice. Having these items readily accessible can give you more confidence, and allow you to make good decisions regarding your seniors care, and your own activities, as the situation warrants.


Some personal items you should keep at your seniors home include:

  • At least two changes of clothing
  • Lightweight pajamas
  • Extra socks
  • Outerwear such as a sweatshirt
  • Change of shoes
  • Basic toiletry items
  • Over-the-counter medications you take regularly
  • Books, puzzle books, or other entertainment you enjoy
  • Chargers for your mobile devices
  • Makeup and hair care products
  • Contact care products
  • Non-perishable food items that fit your personal diet or preferences


Store these items in containers clearly labeled with your name, and put them somewhere where they are easily accessible, but not in your parent’s way, such as a closet or an extra bedroom.
If your parent is struggling with a cognitive functioning decline, consider using a container that locks if your belongings contain medications or other items that may be dangerous for your parent so they cannot get to them when you are not at the house.


Simply because you have made the decision to be a family caregiver for your aging parent does not mean you have to take on all of the responsibilities and challenges on your own. Especially if your senior is struggling with serious health issues, progressive conditions, or other needs, or your schedule is busy due to being in the sandwich generation, taking on this entire challenge on your own can be incredibly difficult, if not impossible. Introducing senior care as an element of your care approach is an important part of not only making sure your parent gets all of the care and support they need but also making sure you stay healthy throughout your caregiver journey.



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