Has Your Aging Relative Had an Eye Exam Recently?

Because they have the biggest risk of developing serious eye diseases, aging adults should have regular eye exams. However, it’s common for seniors and family caregivers to overlook the importance of these checkups. If aging adults have not had an in-depth eye exam in the last year, there’s no better time for family caregivers to schedule one and take the first steps toward proper eye health in their elderly loved one.

Elderly Care in Coronado CA: Senior Eye Exams


The Importance of Eye Exams in Seniors

The eyes are amazing and provide the brain with so much information about the world. It makes sense to keep this part of the body as healthy as possible and that’s only possible via regular eye exams. It’s easy for family caregivers to overlook eye health in their elderly loved one, especially if the senior is not complaining about their vision or any eye pain. However, an eye exam can reveal so much about eye health that aging adults will never notice on their own.


Common Eye Diseases in Seniors

Elderly adults have the highest risk of developing serious eye diseases, due to age-related conditions. Some of the most common eye diseases in the elderly include cataracts, dry eye, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and macular degeneration. Most of these eye diseases don’t have observable symptoms in their early stages, meaning that only an eye doctor can detect them during a regular eye exam.

Early treatment is very important when it comes to eye diseases in the elderly. With early diagnosis and an aggressive treatment plan, seniors can certainly benefit from being under the eye doctor’s care. Without treatment, eye diseases can progress to the point where they cause serious problems, including blindness. Depending on that the eye doctor finds at the first exam, they may recommend that the elderly adults return every six months or more to monitor the condition.


Scheduling Eye Exams for Seniors

When elderly adults are dependent on family caregivers and elderly care providers to assist them with everyday tasks, chances are they are not able to schedule their own eye exams or drive themselves to an appointment. It’s up to family caregivers and elderly care providers to make the arrangements, from setting up the appointment to providing transportation. Many seniors have physical limitations that may prevent them from easily attending the eye exam and are dependent on help from others.

There’s no reason for family caregivers to ignore the importance of regular eye exams for their aging loved ones. The eyes are so important to a senior’s quality of life, and therefore eye health should be a top priority. Everyone deserves the best vision and eye health possible, and regular eye exams are often the best way to ensure that seniors avoid some of the most serious issues.



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