What Are Personal Care Tasks?

Some of the tasks that your senior may start to need help with are extremely personal. They fall under the category of personal care tasks and these might be some of the issues that might make your aging family member the most nervous or anxious when it comes to receiving help.


Elder Care in Point Loma CA: Senior Personal Care Tasks


Positioning and Moving

If your aging family member has difficulty moving or needs help transferring from a scooter or a wheelchair, home care providers can help with that. They can also help your senior to balance if she has trouble walking easily through her home. Your senior may start to feel more confident knowing that she now has help that she can trust.


Toilet Assistance

Having trouble using the toilet is incredibly embarrassing and if your elderly family member is experiencing other issues, like incontinence, that can be even more embarrassing. Home care providers are able to handle these situations with dignity and respect, which goes a long way toward easing your senior’s embarrassment.

Tooth Brushing and Oral Care

Taking care of your senior’s teeth and other oral devices, such as dentures, is crucial. It can be difficult for her to keep up with on her own, though. Senior care providers can also show you easier ways to brush your senior’s teeth for her, which can be awkward on your own at first.


Help with Eating and Drinking

Depending on what other issues your senior is facing, she may have trouble eating and drinking on her own. Home care offers a way to manage these essential needs daily while also offering a friendly companion for meals, which can go a long way toward boosting your senior’s mood.

Bathing and Dressing

As mobility and other issues become more serious, your senior may find that she has difficulty with tasks such as getting dressed and even bathing herself. These aren’t tasks that she can simply stop doing because they’re tied in with emotional and physical well-being, so a solution needs to be put in place. Home care providers can make these extremely personal tasks so much easier.

Your senior may only need help with a few of these tasks or only help up to a certain point with each task. Senior care providers can help you and your aging adult determine how much and what types of help she needs for her current situation. This is all highly customizable to what your elderly family member needs and wants the most.

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