Five Ways You Can Tell You Need Help

If you’re consistently telling yourself and others that you don’t need any help with this whole caregiving thing, you might be kidding yourself. Here are some signs that you’re not necessarily looking at the whole picture.


Elder Care in Chula Vista CA: Ways to Know You Need Help


Self-care Is Non-existent

When did you last do something just for you? If you can’t remember, that might be a sign that you’ve been ignoring self-care. Self-care involves literally doing what needs to be done to properly care for yourself. For instance, you make sure your senior eats, but are you eating regularly? Are you getting enough sleep? These are all things that you need to be doing just as well for yourself as you’re doing for your senior.


Your Immune System Isn’t Working Well

When you’re stressed and overwhelmed, it’s a lot easier for germs to make their way past your immune system. You might not be truly sick, but you may be feeling consistently run down and just not well. If you happen to encounter a particularly strong germ or virus, you might find that it knocks you for a bigger loop than you might expect.


You’re Leaning on Emotional Crutches More than Ever

Everyone has emotional crutches. You might eat more when you’re stressed or you might smoke cigarettes when you’re overwhelmed. That extra glass of wine after dinner might help you to feel more relaxed, but eventually that might stretch to another one. Not all emotional crutches are necessarily dangerous, but they can cause you to lose touch with what’s going on around you.


You’re Showing Signs of Depression

It’s important that you know the signs of depression, first because your senior can easily suffer from depression, but also so you can look for those signs in yourself. Persistent feelings of sadness and hopeless or helpless feelings can be the biggest signs you might notice as a caregiver. Depression can make you feel as if you’re not able to keep being a caregiver, but it can be treated.


Your Fuse Is Short

Lots of people find that they get angrier when they’re experiencing a great deal of stress. If your temper is much shorter than it normally is, there’s a reason, even if you don’t recognize it in that moment. There are plenty of reasons to be frustrated when you’re a caregiver, but if you’re noticing yourself feeling angry or frustrated more often, look deeper at potential causes.

As much as it feels like you’re completely on your own as a caregiver, you don’t have to be. Home care providers can take tasks off your list, help your senior directly, and give you the space you need to start taking better care of yourself.

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