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5 Ways to Keep Seniors Cool in Summer

Thermometer going to very hot

For several reasons, seniors are more susceptible to over-heating than other members of the population. First, their medications can interfere with their body’s ability to regulate temperature and even inhibit perspiration. Chronic medical conditions themselves interfere with perspiration and temperature regulation. “Heat stroke” occurs when the body loses its’ability to cool down and reaches temperatures […]

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The Internet of Things and Technology Helps Seniors at Home

In ten years, most homeowners will be controlling all electric appliances from a central location and even while out and about.   User-friendly smart home technology is no longer a dream of the George Jetson era. Today, homeowners can manage heat, air, lights, fans, locks and appliances from a simple tablet. General Electric, Belkin and […]

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Senior Home Care Tierrasanta

  Family-owned and operated for 14 years, Love to Live care services knows seniors thrive when they have opportunities and help to remain active and engaged with the people in their neighborhoods. Luckily, Tierrasanta is filled with parks, walking paths, restaurants and services that keep life rich and engaged. Love to Live provides the senior home […]

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