Why Saying No Is the Most Positive Thing You Can Do as a Caregiver

It’s never easy to learn to say no. It’s such a small word, yet people can be very upset when you use it regularly. If you’re a caregiver, though, you’re likely not saying no enough and that can be a big problem for you.


Caregiver in Tierrasanta CA: Saying No To Your Senior


Sometimes it Feels Easier to Say Yes

There’s so much pressure involved in saying no, especially for some people. It feels much easier and there is sometimes so much less conflict to just agree to whatever other people bring to you. The problem is that there’s only so much time and energy for you to get everything done. If you have a tough time saying no, you’re building up to a big problem down the line.


Overcommitting Is Real

Some people don’t believe that overcommitting is something that really happens, but it does, especially for people who aren’t comfortable saying no for whatever reason. You literally only have so much time in one day and your energy levels are finite, too. Especially as a caregiver, what you have to give to other people and to other situations is truly limited. One little two-letter word can help you to keep that in check, though.


Start Out Small

You can’t expect to jump right out of the gate as an expert in anything and that’s true for learning to say no, too. Pick something really small or something that you don’t enjoy doing. Those can be the easiest things to learn to say no to. As you gain confidence in saying no, you can get more advanced. But don’t try to get ahead of yourself. Slow and steady.


Keep Track of Your Results

Saying no is a progressive situation. You’re not going to automatically start feeling fantastic after your first no. In fact, you’re probably going to feel a little bit icky at first. But if you stick with it, something amazing is going to happen. You’re going to start realizing that you’re not bogged down in feeling obligated to do certain things. You’re also going to have a smidge more time and energy to do the things that you need and want to do.


Keep in mind that there are ways to say no to caregiving tasks and duties that are difficult or time consuming for you, too. Hiring elder care providers ensures that your senior’s needs are met, but that you can use the word no to your advantage.


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