Is Your Senior Afraid to Exercise?


One reason your senior might not want to exercise could surprise you. Lots of aging family members are afraid to exercise. The reasons for that fear vary from being afraid of falling to fear of having a heart attack or being unable to breathe. But the end result is usually that seniors who have this fear tend to avoid exercise.


Caregiver in Point Loma CA: Senior Exercise


Have Her Eyes and Ears Checked

Vision and hearing changes can show up gradually but they dramatically affect whether your elderly family member is able to move well when she’s trying to exercise. If she isn’t aware of these issues, she may be off balance and not know why. Glasses, hearing aids, and any other assistive devices for ear or eye health need to be in good working order.


Make Sure She’s Sleeping Well

When your elderly family member is sleeping well, her entire body is able to get the restorative rest that it needs. Sleep deprivation can leave her feeling wobbly and can also affect her muscle coordination. Plus, sleep is powerful medicine for her brain and if her brain isn’t thinking properly, then it’s much more difficult for her brain to send the right signals to her body when she wants to move.


Ditto for Eating

As powerful as sleep is, so too is the fuel that your elderly family member uses to fuel her brain and her body. She needs to be eating fruits, vegetables, and whole grains as much as possible. Lean protein helps her to build and to maintain muscle mass, which helps with strength and balance. Look at what your elderly family member currently eats and see how you can bump up the nutritional value in each meal.


Encourage Her to Use Help Whenever Possible

Your elderly family member might think that a successful exercise plan has to include her working out completely on her own. But she might benefit from having home care providers around when she’s planning to exercise. They can accompany her on walks, offering both companionship and a steadying arm, for example. Your senior isn’t diminished by accepting the help of the people in her life.

Talk with your elderly family member’s doctor about her fears around exercise. Her doctor can help you to determine how to resolve those fears and what types of exercise are best for her considering how she’s feeling. Once you have a plan for dealing with those fears, developing a solid exercise routine should be easier.

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