Exploring In-Home Care After a Stroke

The after-effects of a stroke are certain to change how an elderly person lives their day-to-day life. They can cause poor vision, partial paralysis, poor balance, speech and swallowing issues, and problems with mobility. Many elderly adults are not able to take care of themselves after their stroke in the months of recovery that follow. Family caregivers should explore hiring elderly care providers to assist with anything the aging adult needs.

Caregiver in La Mesa CA: Senior Care After A Stroke


Most aging adults will be approved by their doctor to recover at home, sometimes after a stay at the hospital and perhaps a short-term recovery care facility. When returning to the home, elderly adults should not be on their own. Family caregivers and elderly care providers must be on hand to help the aging adult with a range of tasks.


In-home care services are invaluable to both the aging adult and the family caregiver.
Elderly care providers are professionals with training and experience to work with seniors of all abilities. They will assist with bathing, dressing, and grooming. Seniors who need help getting in and out of bed and in and out of chairs will be glad to have an elderly care provider nearby to help. Household duties are also part of an elderly care provider’s skills. They can do light housework, prepare meals, and run errands.


Another area where elderly care providers can assist is in making recommendations for home modifications.

There are numerous things that family caregivers can do to their aging relative’s home that will make stroke recover a little easier. Examples include installing grab bars in the shower and by the toilet, as well as putting in a shower chair and converting to a handheld showerhead. Other modifications include rearranging furniture to accommodate a walker, installing lever doorknobs and changing the handles on dresser drawers.


It is unknown how long stroke recovery will take as every case is different.
While some elderly adults recover much of their abilities in a few months, the majority face a challenging time ahead and must rely on elderly care providers and family caregivers for many months and even years. Aging adults and family members should always strive for a short recovery but should make long-term plans for care as well. Elderly care providers fit well into any plans where the aging adult wants to live at home during their recovery.


Even though family caregivers want to take care of their elderly loved one themselves, there are few people who can devote all their time and efforts to care, due to outside factors like jobs, spouse, children, and other responsibilities. Elderly care providers bring a professional and experienced approach in caring for post-stroke seniors so they always have help when they need it.

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