Helping a Senior Deal with Depression

Has it been a while since you have seen your parent smiling and happy? When was the last time you heard your parent laugh? If it has been a while, they may be suffering from depression. There are some warning signs for senior depression. Knowing what these signs are is the first step in caring for your elderly parent.


Caregiver in Coronado CA: Senior Depression
Caregiver in Coronado CA: Senior Depression


Early Signs of Elderly Depression

Helping a senior deal with depression can be tough. However, if you can recognize these early signs of elderly depression, you can take the necessary steps to help them. These signs include the following:

-Irritability (unhappy, frustrated, cranky, etc.)

-Loss of Self-Regard (not taking care of personal appearance, stops bathing, etc.)

-Social Withdrawal (parent making excuses not to spend time with you, being a hermit, etc.)

-Increased Pain (depression makes the pain worse)

-Recent Surgery or Illness (many senior citizens who go through surgery or get ill will experience depression)

-Recent Loss (did your parent lose a loved one)

These are some of the early signs of elderly depression. If you recognize these in your loved ones, there are some options for helping them with their depression.


Options for Handling Depression

There are many different options for handling depression in senior citizens. If your parent is elderly and experiencing depression, there are some options you have. These options include the following:

-Medications (You may want to talk to their doctor about depression medications to help manage their mood. Many elderly patients are on depression medications.)

-Therapy (With just about any treatment method, you can add therapy to the mix, and make things better. This goes the same with depression treatments.)

-Exercising (Exercising is a great way to help decrease depression. Try to get your parent to do some light exercises.)

-Hiring a Home Caregiver (Senior care can benefit your loved one in many ways. Hiring a home caregiver is a great way to give your parent a companion, help with daily activities, and the care and supervision they need.)

-Visiting Your Parent (If your parent is feeling lonely, visiting them may be the way to help reduce their depression.)

-Getting Them Into a Hobby (When retiring, many senior citizens become depressed. It may be time for them to find a hobby they enjoy.)

These are some of the ways you can help your elderly parent to manage their depression.

Now that you know more about the early warning signs of elderly depression and what you can do about it, you have a better idea of how to help your aging parent. If you need extra help, don’t be afraid to ask for it. Hiring a senior care home health worker might be your best option.

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