Free Senior Care Resources

These free senior care resources answer the questions we get asked most often. Use these free guides to make sure you make the best choices for you loved one, but also yourself!

image of guide to becoming family caregiverGuide to Becoming a Family Caregiver

We carefully assembled this guide to help seniors and their family members understand what to expect as a loved one starts needing more physical, logistical and financial support.

It includes the signs that indicate you’re already a bonafide caregiver, how to manage stress, how to balance caring for your loved one with your own family duties and much more.

Download this free senior resource here.

l2l-guide-to-senior-home-care-coverGuide for San Diego Families to Senior Home Care

This guide helps seniors and their loved ones determine when it is time for some outside help, whether that’s via companions who come to the senior’s home, family intervention or both. (Both is most common.) It covers the documented quality of life differences between the senior utilizing in-home care and the senior in an assisted living facility.

Those feeling overwhelmed with the care they’re providing a senior loved one will benefit from the clear information about how to choose quality in-home care, recognizing senior needs and how in-home care adeptly manages healthcare plans from doctors and hospitals.

Download this guide here. 

cover-free-resources-400-squareGuide to Free & Low-Cost Senior Resources for San Diego Families

Senior care gets expensive, but San Diego families don’t have to go it alone.

Use this guide to find the private, local and state, county and national organizations dedicated to helping San Diego seniors and their families. Everything from all the hotlines for Medicare, Medical and Social Security entities to identity theft and fraud assistance to elder abuse hotlines and adult daycare options.

Get the Low-Cost & Free Senior Resources Guide here.